Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Start: Cleaning Windows.

June Cleaning: First Report

There's nothing quite like clean windows to say

"Summer is here!"

Of course, there's nothing quite so much like filthy windows to say:


Windows are a bit complicated at our house. The ones at the front, the living room and dining room windows are lovely.  Each window is in three parts: the long narrow bits on each side open to let in breezes.

These are simple. I vacuum the screens and wash the windows. Done.

The windows at the back of the house, though, (and one kitchen window on the East side) are a different story. They are old double hung, one over one up and down sliding single paned windows. We put up storm windows in the fall and screens in the spring. I made the screens.

They are held in the window frame by these little wing nuts.

I suppose I should paint the wood spacers but I never think of it.

It takes a few days to get them done, sometimes, even, a few weeks. This year, it took us about three weeks to get the screens up. The nights were chilly, so as I was closing the windows in the evenings anyway, there didn't seem to be a rush!

It gave me time to wash the window sills.

Here is the back of the house with the ground floor screens in.

See the two windows in the second story? (The left is the stairwell landing and the right is the 1/2 bathroom). Both of them still have the storm windows in. (That's why the moldings look thicker.) Neither of them have screens.

So far, both my husband and I have been too chicken to go up there and change out the windows, anyway! But making screens for them is on the list!

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onshore said...

I too haven't washed the windows from outside and our windows are easy, all of them.

We only have one screen on the bed room window, but now it's been so hot but still there has been mosquitoes on the evenings and it would be nice to have windows open without getting all the insects inside.

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