Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Challenge: Cleaning Week 2

Organizing my nightstand a few days ago was just part of my effort to Spring Clean the bedroom. We have original wood floors up here--and no budget for a carpet. So, twice a year, I like to remove everything from under the bed, move the furniture around and give the floor a good vacuum.

It feels fabulous to do that!

I also cleaned the shelves above my desk. This is a task I should do every year just because they do get so dusty, but I often don't. This year, I was motivated by two things.

1) The Ikea lights above the desk stopped working properly ages ago. I have been meaning to figure out what's wrong with them for ages. I purchased a new NON light a few months ago in order to test things. After a lot of light bulb changing and plugging and unplugging, I discovered that the portion of the cord which holds the switch in both lamps is defective. The lights themselves are fine. I am hoping IKEA will be able to replace just the switch cords for me.

The light on the right worked--but only intermittently. It would blink on and off while I was working and it was quite annoying.
I took the switch cord from the new NON light and used it for one of the lamps.
2) Nester's accessory-free challenge. Without the usual tchotchkes it was easier--and more necessary than ever to wipe the shelves down.

I also found myself doing some unexpected de-cluttering. On the radio, I heard about someone trying to establish a library for the people who live on a First Nations Reserve south of our city. It is a particularly violent place with its youngsters involved in gangs. So, I found myself putting aside a few books for that.

I find it somewhat amazing that I can comb the shelves and find things I know we can do without--especially after donating hundreds of books earlier this Spring. Still, it was quite gratifying.

I've also spent the last three or four days cleaning and tidying the house to make it presentable for a home tour. That was fun!


laughing abi said...

I'm soooo jealous of your wood floors. We have old carpet that desperately needs to be replaced. With two young girls it's full of makeup and nail polish stains. Blah.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you Abi! I don't know what they did to tret the floor in our room but it has held up beautifully. Our floors downstairs, though, have taken a beating.

onshore said...

I also love the wooden floors, I dislike carpets anyway, especially since the bedroom is always the dustiest place in the whole house and with a carpet I feel like the dust problem is just impossible.

Hope you get the new cords from Ikea.

I can imagine it's so much simpler to dust know, that you have took the accessories off.

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I am also jealous of your wood floors. We have carpet in our bedroom that I hate--stained, smelly, ick. Under them is nothing but particle board. And I admire your tenacity with the lights. I'm too quick to donate to Goodwill and buy new ones. Make that lazy.

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, well, I'm lazy when it comes to actually shopping. I still haven't made it to Ikea, yet.

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