Friday, March 14, 2008

You must see this

(if you haven't already.)

I am crying. These poor, poor people. And yet, I've seen how it happens. My mother suffered depression for many, many years and when she finally came out of it, you could barely move in her house. I actually had to stop visiting for a while when the kids were younger because it was dangerous.

I'm happy to say that except for her basement, life, living and her possessions are back under control.

But perhaps you'll understand why my own basement is so urgent (and why two drawers full of envelopes can upset me.)

Here it is: Possessed by Mark Hampton


drwende said...

Okay, given the large proportion of Cure-ers any season who have serious piles-of-clothing, is-there-any-housekeeping messes, I have to wonder what proportion are in fact depressed or recovering from depression...

...certainly the entire SF Bay Area seemed to be on anti-depressant meds. (It's so common there that people will volunteer what they're taking on remarkably little acquaintance.)

Melissa A. said...

In response to the above comment, I have mild to severe depression which I am getting professional help with. It definitely plays a part in my lack of action at home, and at work. I am not a hoarder though.

lorijo said...

I have an uncle that is a hoarder- 1 house is full from floor to ceiling, the other is full but has a small path from room to room. He has 2 motorhomes full to the roofs too.
It's a serious mental illness. I think it came from the fact that as children, my dads family didn't have much at all,and my Uncle feels the need to buy everything that he can get his hands on- sometimes just so other people can't buy it.
When I see these kinds of things it just breaks my heart (sometimes on TLC they have a hoarder documentary on) one woman was a hoarder with OCD. Not only did she have an apartment chock full- but nothing could be moved!

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