Friday, March 7, 2008


I've done my 15 minutes in the basement for today. I am beginning to think I'll need to spend at least two 15 minute segments down there in order to actually accomplish much.

But although the effort is physical; it's actually the mental work which is difficult. You know the litany: decisions and decisions and decisions.

The Vision is supposed to help with this: but what vision do you have for a room where nobody goes except to get stuff?

I was perusing the web for inspiration.
As one would expect, there's lots and lots of images like this:

Courtesy of Martha Stewart.
Then, Real Simple offers up these:


Ooooh, is anyone feeling a little frisson of excitement? Feeling motivated?



Searching for laundry rooms, one does a little better. I liked these two from BH&G:


I prefer this one--how do you suppose it would look with a sewer stack and a dryer vent (and water mains) inserted between the machines and the sink? If I painted flowers on them, do you think I could get the same effect? (Yes, my tongue is firmly in cheek.).

But all is not lost. There are two images, count them, two, which can motivate me. Are you ready for them?

Yes! It is the famous curtain wall from David and Im's onespace! I have had plans to do something like this for my wall of shelves long before I ever saw this: but, heavens, who would have thought it could be so restful? So peaceful? A veritable oasis of calm concealing the clutter of life beneath it.

And how about this? What if this were the view from the bottom of the stairs? (Substitute the curtain on the left side for the wood panelling).

Of course, I don't plan to have big comfy chairs nor do I want a projection system for a television installed. But the shelves look good. And it's probably the only time in my life I will ever admit that a "sunshine" ceiling might be a good idea.

Imagine, if you will, in the center, a table small enough to get around, but big enough for projects that can be left out while they're worked on, and you may have something close to what I envision.

I have to refine this vision based on our needs, of course (like an accessible place to hang the punching bag) but these two visions of serenity just might sustain me for another 15 minutes.

added later: yep, they did. I now have a path. That means I actually have to sart sorting and purging piles, now. gulp.

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scb said...

Curtains. A great idea whose time has come. As it happens, a couple of weeks ago (or more?) I decided to get a new shower curtain, to go along with the planned new color scheme for the bathroom. But I still like my butterfly shower curtain. Brainwave! I decided to use it as a divider in the storage room, to hide the cluttery part. (Here's where we say in unison, "Great minds think alike!")

Today (before I saw this post) I went to Wally-Mart and bought a spring-loaded extension-type shower curtain rod. (I measured the storage room first, it's only 55 inches across!) I will put it up tomorrow, or sometime... there is no energy left in me tonight. None whatsoever.

Yay for curtains and peaceful hiding of cluttery places.

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