Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 2: Goals

Translating AT to a basement will be a challenge at times; but this week is easy. I do have to "borrow" a bit from the One Room Remedy in order to do this properly, but it's no big deal.

(I'm only going to write out what's pertinent.)

From The Deep Treatment:

Fix one thing yourself.
I am going to move the clothesline.

Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food.
This will be fun. I have a huge shelving unit functioning as the pantry.

It used to hold record albums.
Well, I'm going to empty that out, wash it down and get rid of old food. I also have an upright freezer which needs de-frosting. That should be interesting.

Run your hands over every wall.
I'm going to try this out and see what happens. I'm also going to dust: the rafters and the walls.

(beautiful, though, isn't it?)
Clear space for an outbox:
I already have a permanent one set up underneath the table I use for folding. It will be kept clear every week.
Clear one surface.
Which shall it be? I sort of already did this when I emptied my first shelf last week.
Was that ever a great feeling!

But, of course, it hasn't been kept clear. It isn't supposed to be!

Determine your style:
This I will never, ever figure out. Never. I like everything; if the scale of a place is right, if everything is in proportion, if there's enough colour (but, no longer, too much colour) if there's lots of light, if there's balance in the way things are placed, if everything functions well, if there's interesting textures and patterns, if there are rounded edges, then, we can call it home.
To be honest, I guess my problem is that I cannot imagine ever living in any of the places I admire because I simply will not have the money/time/skills to pull it off. Usually, by the time I've got everything together, my likes have changed again and I want something new. I also do not have that decorator's knack of holding an entire vision in my head from a single piece of inspiration.

From The One Room Remedy:

Decide what activities you want in your room and where they will go.
I realised today that I need to do this first, before we move the clothesline.

Buy, borrow or make a floor plan tool.
Thank you AT:Chicago! They provided two free options: and BHG.

Name my vision

Build a shopping List.
I am going to have to do this, even if it's for storage containers.

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