Thursday, March 20, 2008

Small changes

I was so upset at the state of my drab living room, I went shopping Monday looking for inspiration. Fortunately, I found it--and cheaply, too.

I went from this on Sunday:

To this on Thursday:

Total cost?
lampshade: $25.00
napkin (on pillow): $3.50
striped pillow: $10.00
curtains: $7.00 (on sale at Ikea. I want to buy four more for the basement!)
"new" large pillow covers: already had.
"new" table: free, from Mom's porch.
Total: $45.50

Obviously, I have a way to go on some fix-ups and projects, but I feel much better about the state of things. I'd like to paint the trunk: any suggestions?


scb said...

Here is my initial reaction, in its entirety:


What a different just a few tweaks here and there can make! Gives me hope for my space.

I kept scrolling up to the "before" and down to the "after" and back and forth and back and forth. It was like playing that game "spot the differences between these two pictures".

Alana in Canada said...

I always loved "spot the difference."
Thanks. I'm feeling really run down and tired today.

zooza said...

You've made such a difference - really warmed the room up. Is the throw on the sofa new, too? I love the colour.

scb said...

I recognize the throw!!! (do I get extra points?) It's the one you just spent ages washing (and wringing out) by hand, in the bathtub, right? Looks great!

Alana in Canada said...

100 points to scb!

It's Ikea. I moaned about the process at some length on the Chicago 2.5 thread.
(ps, I have pics--wanna see?)

scb said...

Pics? You have pics? Where are they???? (does grabby gimme hands...)

Mella DP said...

Very, very nice. I meant to comment that I love that napkin.

Re: trunk - boring, but how about black? Or black with (something) trim? Only because there's already some in a few places in the room (at least that's what it looks like on my screen...)

Also, seriously great job with the basement so far!

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