Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Incidental Day.

(warning: impending rant.)

Remember how I mentioned I wouldn't do any of the upper level, "real room" cure tasks, except incidentally?

Well, today was an incidental day.

I mopped the kitchen floor.
Lesson 1: I really, really need a new mop. Any suggestions?

I had my son wipe down our kitchen cart, vacuum the stairs and front hall carpet.

I mopped the living room floor, 1/2 at a time.

Lesson 2: I really, really hate my living room.

The couch needs a thorough clean: or a cover. (I just may go the cover route. I have one I like in the basement, though I'm not sure it is big enough. It'll be tough to keep it looking decent though, unfortunately).

I need a rug.

I don't want the dog's cargo crate in there anymore, but there's no where else to put it.

I don't like the Poang chair. It's very hard to get out of.

The rocking chair is chewing up my floor.

I hate the "trunk as coffee table." I can never keep it clean and it is too small.

The piano needs repair. I think we're up to three keys not working, now.

The shelves are hopelessly cluttered and untidy.

The GUINEA PIG CAGE! oh, gawd. Shavings everywhere. A garbage for guinea pig poop. Ugh. It's in front of my fireplace and looks HORRIBLE!

The non-functioning fireplace is an absolute mess. I really, really must finish re-facing it and paint.

After washing the floor, I vacuumed the furniture, dusted, and scraped up candle wax. My daughter and her friend culled the shelves of unwanted games, books and puzzles. Then, I wiped down some of the shelves. Here's what the living room looked like when we finished:

Clean--but nasty.

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