Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here are the photos of the work my husband and son did yesterday.
I was hoping they would convey the incredible sense of space and freedom I feel, but they don't. I have uncovered a heretofore undiscovered hatred of black furniture, however. (Which means I don't think I'm painting the coffee table/trunk black, even though it would make the most sense). The black Ikea dresser used to sit where I've put the "handsome" dresser. They take up roughly the same amount of physical space, as you can see.

But psychologically, it feels much more spacious in there. It's indescribable. (The bottom drawer is being glued and clamped at the moment).

Moving the handsome piece freed up the area under the window behind the clothesline (which I haven't yet decided exactly where to move.) I hemmed a set of those new IKEA curtains and hung them up. (You can barely see the area in the before shot. It's behind the clothesline. Green sheers. I'd thought I'd taken a better one, sorry.)

I've got the baskets lined up on top of the short dresser (moved from beside the freezer in the before shot) to sort the winter stuff.

Here is the biggest change, though:

A better shot:

I will be removing those clothes. Once I figure out how to attach the mounting hardware for the curtains, the plastic will come down and they'll go up too.

I think the wood is destined to become a doghouse

And so, that's how we begin Week 3.


zooza said...

You can see the difference and it looks much better.

One idea that I had when looking at the photos of the exercise area was about the floor. (This involves work, so stop reading now if you don't want to hear it!). If you are dividing the basement up into different work areas, you could define these by different colour concrete floor paints. I'm not suggesting you add it to your current to-do list, but it might be a cunning way of getting the family up to speed with your vision for the basement in the longer term to help with maintaining new systems.

J-fer Rose said...

I agree, it does look much better! And I can only imagine how much better it feels.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh, Zooza!
The floor is absolutely off limits. Every single thing is shimmed in order to be level...and we do get floods periodically, which is why it's imperative everything that could be badly damaged is either moveable (like the table) or up off the floor and onto the shelves.

Colleen (aka CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

marvelous progress! I can totally see the difference and I'm so glad the cables thing is working out...

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