Saturday, March 15, 2008

WT: Week 1 Task List.

The Tasks:

BONES: Catch up on laundry and dry-cleaning.
For me, as I mentioned in my interview, this involves actually finding my summer season clothes. The winter ones do need to stay in action a little longer. (We just got a bunch of snow and we're back to freezing temperatures again. Ah well, March.)

BREATH: Choose one garment, accessory, or beauty product that you know is a Torture Device and ruthlessly de-accession it. (Do make a note of why you hate it, or vice-versa.)
Done. I had two dresses, both the same style, but which no longer fit. I gave them to my Mom, yesterday. I loved them--but they were "torture" because they just reminded me of my current state of fatness. As well, I had a long-to-the-floor skirt which I had admired on my Mom. She promptly handed it over. I put it on and instantly looked like Laura Ingall's mother. All I needed was an apron.

HEAD: Complete the WT Interview. After you finish it, find a source of clothing pictures that you enjoy looking at. It need not be a fashion magazine or current catalog. Old movies, Old Masters... doesn't matter.
Interview, done. Source pictures--well that may take some time.

HEART: Do something pampering for yourself.
OK. Buying a new deodorant might fit the bill. My current one makes me whooze.

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scb said...

You just got a bunch of snow??? Oooh, ick! Please don't send us the leftovers!

It's impossible to know how to dress in March, isn't it? (and in April...) Last Saturday my winter coat was toooo hot, so I spent some time trying to find a spring jacket. No luck. But I haven't wanted/needed one since last Saturday, so my lack of luck in finding one hasn't been a problem.

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