Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 4: In the Thick of It. My Goals.

Aaah, the Living Room. Ok, so that's NOT the living room, it's (a bad merge of) the "wall o' shelves" in the basement. (I wrote on some of the photo using MS Paint. Click to enlarge). But since the basement stores items from the living room (and for it) this is a good time to tackle those things.

Cure Tasks:

Sort and toss fabric, curtains, pillows, pillow covers, etc.

Declutter books. I have an entire collection of Nancy Drew from thirty years ago. I've kept them for so long, it seems strange to get rid of them. My daughter is seven. She may be ready for them in a few years. The Hardy Boys' series, 20 of which I also saved, is of no interest to my son.

I also have two "apple" boxes full of foreign language dictionaries and the like. I haven't looked through those boxes in ten years. It's time.

Confirm what you need to increase/decrease colour
I have been toying with the idea of painting that nasty wood panelling in the laundry room...but that would involve moving the upright freezer, so it's doubtful.

Confirm what you need to increase/decrease softness
This would mean I ought to finish hanging the curtains for the windows and START looking at what I have and what I'll need for the wall of shelves curtain hanging project.

One Room Remedy:
Tally up what I've spent so far.
Price out taps for the laundry sink and look into how to install them.

Other Non-basement Cure tasks:
Paint trunk in living room. (It is Living Room week, after all.)

I wrote this post a few days ago--and I just now planned out this week in terms of school. It's going to be very busy: the first Tuesday of the month is usually a wash and this one is no exception. However, we have been working fairly quickly of late and that gives me hope that I may be able to tackle most of the above. However, I am trying to be sensible this cure-round.

I compiled this list below 1) to get it off my mind and 2) to see how much more I want to get done. Of course, the house isn't going to fall down around my ears if it doesn't get done, nor does the fire department need to be alarmed anymore. So, we'll see how it goes. We're also going to a Homeschooling convention in a few weeks and I need to plan my shopping list (which, to my way of thinking, means planning the next ten years....).

My list of Cure projects to do (at some point before the Cure is completed.) and yes, these are all related to the basement, as either the basement has stored the materials required for these projects (wood for fireplace) or has come out of the basement in order to be done (mending):

  • finish picture frame project (just that last photo to deal with. Hooray!)

  • finish faux fireplace facelift. (Husband has holidays the week after next, so I'm thinking we'll do this then)

  • re-locate clothesline
  • curtains for windows (hem and install)
  • curtains for wall of shelves
  • mending

  • Tasks:

    sort Camping gear.

    sort and empty Chemical cabinet

    sort and toss:

  • books
  • files
  • children's artwork
  • children's schoolwork

  • fabric, pillows, curtains, etc.

  • scrapbooking supplies

  • Here's to Week 4--the thick of it.


    lorijo said...

    Just so you know, I read your blog but sometimes I have trouble sending you comments- it times out on me and I can't seem to get through.

    What a lot of work! You are doing such great things.

    My husband collects Hardy boys books (old ones) and there is a market on ebay for the Hardy Boys and Nancy drew (if they are in good condition)- so if you are going to get rid of them- don't toss them till you check!

    Alana in Canada said...

    Thanks, Lorijo! Unfortunately, they aren't in great condition...I had a stamp of a Canadian flag and went to town with it on the spines. And e-bay seems like such a hassle. Last time I checked, they were selling for only about a couple bucks each...postage would be more than that! I did find out that another series of books I own could be worth as much as $200.00 each on e-bay. The kids could make some money on those after I've gone.

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