Saturday, March 15, 2008

WT: The Quiz

Whooo hoo, here we go!
I remember doing this the last time--zooza and I found ourselves at a pyjama party! It was just like having a slumber party, but on-line and on different continents.

Btw, I hate quizzes. My enthusiasm is merely for the process itself. Like scb, I too am not going to look at last fall's quiz.


Who is your candidate for Best Dressed, real or fictional?
You know, I don't know anyone's names. I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to popular culture. I do like what The Sartoralist photographs, however. Of course, I love photography and his is stellar.

What is your favorite garment or outfit ever?
I suppose this would be embarrassing if it differs from what I wrote last fall, but I loved a particular little navy polka dot number with a flirty skit, and granny boots.(This was the early nineties folks--I was nearly a decade ahead of my time).

What is your current favorite garment? My Brax jeans. I noticed just a few days ago that they're starting to go rabbitty. I'm going to cry.

What would be your favorite thing to wear, if reality were not an issue?
Cute clothes. Dresses and pretty sandals.

Where would you shop, if money, time, and geography were not issues? A second hand shop in, oh, say Paris.

What's your favorite fashion faux pas story to tell, now that the scars have healed? Yeah. We're coming up on eleven years, so maybe it's time.
My wedding day. My dress. What's the term for it? It had no shoulders or sleeves--just a bodice and a skirt. I had no jewellery. None! My neck was bare, my ears were naked: I looked like I woke up and just threw the dress on and ran to Church. In a way, that's what happened. When I arrived at my Mom's--in plenty of time to dress--she hadn't finished sewing it yet. I was over an hour late for the ceremony. And my hair was a mess.

What colors do you associate with happiness? (Your Joyous Colors)
Pink, and red.

How You Live

If there were a uniform for where you spend most of your time, what would it be? Jeans, some sort of top with sleeves that don't fall into the dishwater and an unfussy bib apron in a joyous print.

If there were a uniform for where you spend your leisure, what would it be? Hi Susie! Throw me that magazine, will ya?
Sorry, Pj's.

Your Wardrobe

What is the problem with your wardrobe? (Maximum of three bullet points)
--there isn't enough of it.
--it is B-O-R-I-N-G.

If your wardrobe could speak, what would it say is the problem? It's Ok to wear shorts. Really, it's OK. People do not look at fat knees. Honest.

What would you like your wardrobe to do more of? Tell the truth. Ack no, never that. It should flatter and disguise.

What would you like people to say about how you dress? (Max 3)Nothing. I don't want them to say one little thing, except, maybe, "You look great."
(I make eye contact--a lot. I gesture with my hands when I speak. My face wears my expression--always. (Got me into trouble a lot when I was a young'un.) I don't think anyone notices what I wear. At least, I hope not.)

What, that's it, we're done?
I really must go and unpack my summer clothes and take a look at them. Then, perhaps, they'll speak more clearly. I wonder where I put them?


zooza said...

There will be no magazine-throwing from this quarter. I didn't get the memo that the pyjama party was over and am sitting here in my PJs as I type... oh dear.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh dear--I knew I shouldn't have typed all that in after midnight!
I, too assumed the pyjama party had not ended. That's why I asked you for the magazine: isn't that what girls do an slumber parties? Read magazines?

zooza said...

Ah. I misunderstood. I thought you were requesting an act of mild violence on my part - of course you can have the magazine. And the hair curlers. And the nail polish...

Alana in Canada said...

I always get so tense whenever there's one of these potential misunderstandings.

What colour is that nail polish?

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