Friday, March 21, 2008

Week 2: Progress report

I'm not likely to do much tomorrow, so I'm posting a bit early. Same format as before.

Short Version:
Unpacked, emptied, sorted, put away, bought stuff, gave stuff and shuffled stuff around.

Got rid of 235 lbs
Like this:
90 lbs: donations
80 lbs: garbage
65 lbs: small fridge

Long Version:

Caught up on some Week 1 tasks:

Took out the counter-sized fridge. Hooray! My mom wanted it and now she has it.

Took a chair out to the curb. I really did. Wonder what will happen to it? (I'll give it 24-48 hours and then I'll put it in the haul-this-crap-to-the-dump pile in the backyard.)

Brought home an end-table from Mom's for the livingroom.

dropped off 90 lbs of donations.

Living room:
Got a nice napkin (to help cover a pillow. The dog has chewed a corner out of it). $3.50
Got a pillow. $10.00
Bought a fabric table cloth. $7.00
Bought a lampshade, finally! $25.00

pillow: $20.00
new duvet cover: $15.00 (As Is at Ikea.)
2 new pillow shams: $8.00 (As Is)

Basement: full sheet for curtain project: $4.00 (As Is)

Cleared and washed a the pantry shelves. My daughter helped me for the first 15 minutes which was very good of her. In the words of a seven year old, "the basement makes me creepy."

Started measuring for the floor plan.

Discussed removing shelves by the excercise bench.

Galloping Curitis:
Washed out microwave.
Washed top of washing machine.


Washed top of dryer.

Started cleaning out the area under the stairs, by the "I have no taps!" laundry tub. I keep spare boxes, here, and important ones like the computer box and so on. I've been through this area many times over the last few years, so it's no longer painful. (Can you believe I once worried about throwing away empty boxes? There's nothing so useful as an empty box!)

I got rid of all except the box for the monitor and for the scanner. Those I do need, just in case I ever have to mail these away for service.

Now I have a big empty hole, there, honest, right behind the 2x4, and I just want to fill it up with something!

Man--do we have cord issues!
(We also keep some of the recycling and empty cans here, in the old Ikea trash can.) When my husband saw these pictures, he said, "What a dump." I think that's a good thing.

However, I've misplaced my box-cutter---

(and we missed putting out the garbage and recycleables for pick up today.)
Handwashed my Ikea fuzzy orange blanket in the bath tub. The only fun part was taking the "perfect" picture:

Later---I found the box cutter, and flattened everything. It was getting so I couldn't walk through there to get to the all important Wardrobe Therapy laundry!

Then, I ran some errands and bought a broom. Yep, nothing but one excitement after another. Between taking pictures of boxes, garbage, and filthy blankets, we're having a gay ol' time.

This is the haul from this week:

80 lbs!
I can't believe we missed the garbage truck!
(PS: I took these outside. Yes, that is snow.)

Galloping curitis: cleaned two shelves in the upper food cupboard. (I have three upper cupboards).

Tackled the sentimental clothing I've kept that I thought could be sold on consignment. Let go of 10lbs, (not counted) but I wasn't able to get rid of some truly sentimental dresses. Would photographing them and scrapping the memories be enough? I don't think so. The pictures will never show how tiny my waist was when I wore some of them.

Finished taking measurements for the basement and began the floor plan. Moved out the bench (that I removed from the living room during the fall cure) so we could lay down and flatten the wood for the faux fireplace facelift project. Haven't tried the hot water trick yet, but I will.

and so we've gone from this.

Drew floorplan.

Cleaned most of my son's room.

If you are eating: don't look.

Turn away now....

You've been warned.


(This was the worst of it).
And so, that was my week.


zooza said...

A busy week again - well done! For the handwashing of the blanket, have you come across Soak or Eucalan, neither of which you need to rinse? Might make it a bit easier in future. Alternatively, you could send it to me and I'll look after it for you...

Mella DP said...

Your throw looks like something under a microscope...

But, amazingly fantastic job, as always!

scb said...

Wow, what a week! The transformation of the corner in the laundry area is truly impressive.

The gum-- well, I see why you said on the Chicago Cure Thread "never allow gum".

As for the throw, it looks so fantastic in the living room, that maybe it was worth the work? (she says, while sitting back knowing she didn't have to *do* that work.) My mother washed a comforter in the bathtub once. Never again.

drwende said...

Well done! This is impressive!

Let go of 10lbs, (not counted) but I wasn't able to get rid of some truly sentimental dresses.

But there's such a huge difference between storing a handful of garments that have intense sentimental value, versus storing boxes and boxes of garments that just kind of exist!

There needs to be a place in our lives for sentiment and nostalgia, and culling stuff down to the TRULY meaningful honors that place.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you all so much for boosting my spirits, yet again. I'll keep a look out for those products, Zooza. But I go through handwashing detergent soooo slowly, it may be a few years before I need anymore.

Actually, the blanket was super soft when it dried...well worth it. I have a purple one I could send you Zooza. In all seriousness. (I'll even wash it first.)

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