Monday, March 17, 2008


I went shopping today and found this cotton napkin at Pier 1 Imports.

It's going to guide me in my careful, slow and deliberate "make-over" of my living room.

My curtains are already the brown: my sofa and Poang chair are green.

But more than just colour: it's the feel, sort of Fifties Florida Beach House in the Woods. It doesn't make any sense, but maybe it will work. I've already purchased a striped pillow in the same colourway.

As well, while I was at Pier 1, I came across a trunk/box in green. It looked like it had been vaguely spatter painted with red/rust gently along the edges. It looked very cool. It had a hard shiny finish to it, too, like a laquered box. Maybe it was laquered. How does one laquer? I just loved it and think I may have a direction for the nasty old trunk.

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