Saturday, March 1, 2008

What, Again? Already?

Fortunately, I have never been tempted to do such a thing as this. Nor, can I imagine, will I ever be.

As I mentioned to Wende earlier this evening, I haven't even been to AT since the big switcheroo. But it seems that the Spring Cure is rolling around again. And WT, too! Now that's exciting. And what's this about running a concurrent Housekeeping cure? Ladies, ladies, this is a bit much. There is absolutely no way I can do it all, given my tendencies to jump into projects like some people spread peanut butter on bread. (Truly. Madly. Deeply.)

On the other hand, it is fun, I love Defending the Presence of Books while encouraging people to get rid of the extra kitchen gizmo and paint their walls Bright Happy Colours (though I have gone the Quiet Wall route, myself).

On the other hand, we will be absent from all computer interaction (and, incidentially home) for three weeks in May. On the other hand, school is full of odd bits of down-time in which I feel strapped to my kitchen ready to prod the young'uns back on task. And the basement needs a serious overhaul. It was bad last Fall. It is impassable now.

And I miss the cameraderie. I've been hanging out at Homeschooling message boards for the last month: but there's only so many times I can talk about Grammar, defend and promote the materials I use for spelling and knash my teeth over Latin. It's time for some FUN in my life!

The trick will be to find things to do I won't be committed to for major chunks of time (like sanding and repainting dressers, installing sinks, and repainting walls and assembling Expedits.) There is zero budget for this Cure too. (Well, there is for every Cure but THIS TIME I MEAN IT!) We're going to a curriculuum fair in April--that's a huge chunk of change gone--and then the trip. So, I REALLY MEAN IT! NO MONEY. (Well, except for a dump truck to haul the detritus away. We have a toilet, yes, a toilet taking up space in the back yard. Remember that? We did, finally, get it done. And a lovely new floor, too. You can see it now--the snow is melting. The toilet. I meant the toilet. No, there's no snow in Nimo's bathroom.) And since we don't want to be cooped up inside all summer, the husband and I have agreed to buy (gasp) patio furniture. The picnic table we have now is ready for the burn pile. (Which reminds me, the husband has been talking about building a fire pit for the last two summers....)

OK. THAT'S IT. These are things we've been considering independently of a cure, so they can't be part of any "Curing budget" deal.

Hopefully over the next couple of days I can lay out some sort of plan of attack for the basement.

But you know, it's weird. I'm going to clean out my basement in eight weeks as part of an on-line "Cure"--just so I can spend some time with friends and strangers who may become friends.

Strange Days, Indeed.
oooh I feel that frisson of pre-cure excitement again. Man, it's a drug!


drwende said...

Well, it's a bit much because your Cures are always over-the-top Rebuild the Entire House projects! ;-)

I'm still stuck back in the dark ages of AT's original reader base, when we were all about tiny apartments, so there are limits on what can possibly be done in my space. And I've always thought that while the principles of the Cure scale up fairly well, the 8-week schedule for a whole dwelling doesn't.

CQ in DC said...

I'm glad folks are joining in regardless of limitations. I too have no real plan to spend a bunch of money but I love the structure of the posts and reading about other people's homes. I seeing what folks do in their homes, and this is a better way than sneaking around peeking in windows...

lorijo said...

I'm glad you're in too! I won't be spending any money either (if I can help it) and my basement needs cleaning too.....

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