Friday, March 28, 2008

Cords Done!

It feels very silly to post this--but it has made an enormous difference. It was a rotten, nasty job, but I am so grateful to Zooza for suggesting how it was to be done. So, out of gratitude (and not a little pride) I have to post.

First: the area by the landing, where one of my outlets resides. Not a big change here.

(Where did the big loop of wire go, you ask? We'll get to that in a minute.)

Second: the power bar. No longer dangling on nails! (Yes, there's a story, but you'll have to wait for the weekly report.)

I want to replace that last dangling cord...and I will, just as soon as I track down a multiple extension cord that takes a three prong plugs.

Third: The bottom of the stairs. It's a bit hard to describe. That white bit to the left of each photo is the stairwell. Basically, I turn and follow the path of the two parallel gas pipes. These used to wonk me on the head:

They come out the other side. It used to look like the image on the left, now it's all tidied up as in the image right:

(Yes, I got rid of the big yellow lamp. Something was wrong with the socket).

The "telephone pole" now looks like this:
Just to explain: the bottom one doesn't work because it's a completely separate phone line, installed when we rented out the back bedroom. There is a very ugly corresponding black box on the back of the house to accommodate it. If we ever need another phone line, though, all we need to do is activate it. As for the middle, it needs to be connected to the one above to work: it's basically just an "extension" box. As one of the junctions doesn't work (I forget which one) it's kind of useless. I should just replace it someday.

Lastly, the spidery scary thing. I traced that looped wire (the old telephone cord) right to it. And since I didn't want to mess with telephone connections, I just put it right up there with the velcro--right where it belongs:

The green wire seems to be connected to our water meter, so I didn't fuss with it, either.

My apologies for the horribly over-exposed "after" pictures or the under-exposed "before" pictures, whichever, take your pick.


zooza said...

I'm so glad the velcro worked for you. I hope you're not feeling too achy and sore after all that stretching and hammering!

drwende said...


Your example is so inspiring, in the sense that it actually inspired me to chivvy the boss into his long-delayed plan to reorganize all our endless cables and wires at work, so that it's clear what goes to what, and all the loopy bits are tied and fastened out of the way.

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