Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reality Check: Goals for Week 3.

I went down to the basement tonight after reading Wende's and Zooza's comments about possibly being side-tracked from the basement project to list what I still needed to do and think about why I am feeling stalled.

Of course I had to do something, and while doing that thing I broke a huge piece of glass in a picture frame. Fortunately no one was hurt and the print inside the frame wasn't damaged. I just loved the picture (print actually) and had wanted to use it again, somewhere, someday.

But this is the danger of living with an unliveable basement. I should have stored it properly when I put it down there, but I couldn't reach any of the spots where it could have gone to be safe.(for example, the top of the wall o' shelves, where the print and mat are now). To lose an expensive (or even cheap but time consuming to replace) piece of glass because of an envelope, or coffee can and jam jar collection is utterly ridiculous.

So, as for my entry way, I'll sort and purge the stuff in hanging baskets, hang a towel rack and scrub, but new flooring and a paint job will wait for another cure, another day.

This week, I'll focus on more clothing (there's still a large box) and indoor/outdoor and camping gear.

I'll have the husband fix that stupid sticky drawer in the handsome dresser and move out the black one. Having it emptied but still sitting there is discouraging. I need to see progress! Maybe he can even rip out the shelving.

No. Probably not.

Thank you so much for keeping me on track. There are things down there I just don't want to face--but some of it must be done--just so I don't ever have to face them again.

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scb said...

Good for you. It's hard to resist all the projects that come to one's mind when one starts Curing. Keeping one's eyes on the original goal is a good thing. (See the post I just put up. I'm dealing with some Galloping Curitis myself.)

Even if you don't get everything done in the basement, if there are some things you're just not ready for, you have made a great difference already, and I know that you can make even more of a difference by the end of the Cure (just don't burn yourself out!)

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