Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boom da da Boom

A sack or a bag. A useful tool in the Spring Cure.

Yes, yes, I know, really much too early for a "boom da da boom", but if Wende can have Week 1 (or rather, Week 2: The Kitchen) finished and posted, then I can give you my first progress report.

I have begun.

I mentioned I am going to tackle the basement in 15 minute increments. The idea is from Flylady, of course. I love doing something for just 15 minutes. It is just enough time to see a little progress, not enough time to get overwhelmed. And it will be very easy to get overwhelmed down there!

I did my first 15 minutes today which consisted of:

1) I found and assembled my tools:
a box of garbage bags.
a box of recycling bags.
a box-cutter
a permanent marker
I also started stacking empty boxes in front of the "pantry."

2) I bagged up all the clothes for donation under the folding table. That cleared most of the stuff out of there.

3) I found and labelled a box "To Sell" (for books) and put a few items in it.

4) I assembled a lamp and switched in on. (Crazy, I know, but it's one of those swing-arm lamps--on a base--and the base had gone missing. I found the base.)

5) I found the box labelled "Outdoor lights." This means we'll have a place to put the Christmas lights when dh takes them down this weekend.

6) I picked up all sorts of empty plastic grocery bags and stuffed them into the recycling. (The kids usually put away the basement groceries and we "save" the bags to take to the library. However, there comes a time to just toss them. This was it.)

7) I brought a chair up from the basement to use at the kitchen table. Remember the round backed Windsor chairs I painted last fall? One broke (the red one) last week and cannot be repaired. So, we needed the chair and now we have it.

Hmmm. I'd like to make it an even ten, but seriously that's all I got done. Still, I can see better and I can move a bit better down there....which in the end is all I really want more of!


scb said...

Yay, you! "Well begun is half done", so the saying goes. (If only it were true!!!)

I must get my act together this weekend and make a start on the storage room. It seems to get out of sorts so easily.

lorijo said...

you did all that in 15 minutes? Wow, I am in awe!!!!! Well, you made we want to go back into my office again- maybe I'll try the 15 minute thing.....

Alana in Canada said...

Thank goodness I've inspired you. It makes it easier for me to go back down and face it some more. Really it does.

I'll be looking for your progress report!

scb said...

This is going to sound weird, but today when I bought a box of garbage bags, I thought of your Boom Da Da Boom preparations for your Basement Cure! (I decided to word it that way, because "Today when I bought garbage bags, I thought of you" just didn't sound good at all...) ;)

I did a whole bunch of stuff in the storage room today. There's still some stuff in the living room, waiting to be put back, but it will just have to wait, because errands and shopping took all the energy that I had left.

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