Friday, September 2, 2011

The Laundry Room

This is Benita's from chezlarson--at her old house.

I love the whiteness of it. Yes, I know, me.

Here is what mine looks like:

(Not right now, of course. This is from when it was clean and tidy. Last April or something.)

That table in the foreground is my folding table. It works really well. My "donation station" is underneath.

Function Analysis:

My laundry room needs

1) to be a place where I can wash clothes and treat stains. Basic, right? But I need really good light.

2) to provide a place to hang items which should not go into the dryer.

3) to be convenient for sorting clothes.

I love this folding table with the baskets underneath:

4) to store items to donate (my "donation station" either here, under my folding table, or somewhere else.)

5) a place to store out of season bedding, blankets and pillows--and extra towels. I know that normally this would be stored in the linen closet--or even a bedroom closet. But houses built in 1949 tend not to have very large closets.

This is close to my ideal:

Martha Stewart

So too is this. Less contrast is more soothing.

Country Living

But, this is what I have:

(and this is wall which must be painted)

There is another area which may be able to hold big bulky items. It is between my pantry and my freezer just across from the folding table.

Creating a well lit, warm and comfortable space goes a long way to wanting to spend time in it. Right now, I can't stand being down there. It's just a horrible place to me. It is also cold in the winter. Even with our high efficiency furnace, it seems we can't have heat in the basement and the second floor simultaneously!

I can't fix that problem any time soon: but I wonder how far a couple of cans of paint can take me?

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Anne At Large said...

Much like the kitchen, my first inclination would be more closed storage. Can you put in a nice big cupboard to hold some of that stuff and act as a linen closet? Paint always helps too though. Can't wait to see what you decide!

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