Monday, September 19, 2011

I Said I Would....

I promised my boy about a year ago that I would put his CD holder on the wall.

Today, I finally kept that promise.

The timing is kind of crazy as we finalized the shades of blue and red we'll use in his room today. I put together three combinations of blue and red I thought would work and he picked one of them.

When we paint (which will be in October. I plan to do it on a weekend when he is at Scout Camp) I'll just leave the holes in the wall!

That corner is looking good.


and now:

Just a bit more work on those baskets in the bookcase and that corner will rock!


onshore said...

Painting over holes is fine, I've painted over picture hooks and nails.

That X style cd holder and the blue baskets will look so good when the room is painted.

scb said...

Looks great! He's going to have a room he'll absolutely love.

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