Friday, September 30, 2011

Decluttering Report: September

We made two trips to the dump this month. Hooray!

I came across this feature at the blog of Nony the Slob. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

My focus this month was pretty much on my laundry room and thirteen-almost-fourteen year old son's bedroom.

He was a trooper, though. (Today, he spontaneously started weeding out our dvd's. Then he wanted to start in on the cd's!)

In a whirlwind of activity, we cleared off his desk and made room for his new laptop.

We cleaned out his closet (which I didn't blog about) and made room for most of his castle pieces on one side of his closet:

and his ships on the other:

(These are sentimental keepers).

We cleared out under his bed and cleared, sorted, and tossed items from his bookcase.

My eleven year old daughter and I worked in her room a bit, too, decluttering her floor and her bookcase.

The biggest change, though, was in the basement where I decluttered the whole pantry/laundry room area and somehow created one storage spot from three.

What with all the appliance trouble we had this month, I went through our warranties and instruction manual files. They weren't easy to get at.

So, I decided to put everything into page protectors and put it all into a binder sorted by room where they are generally used. The humidifiers, for example, although stored in the linen closet are filed under "bedroom."

I started with a 2", and upgraded to a 3."

I think I need a 4"!

Then, to end the month, I did two small projects:
I reorganized and tossed a few things from the linen closet and got rid of a few cookbooks.

Here's what our donation station looks like:

I need to bag it up and drop it off.

And there we have it, the decluttering report for September. All in all, a quite satisfying month.


Nony the Slob said...

OK, I LOVE your warranties notebook. I sooo need to do that!

Thanks for linking up!

April said...

awesome job!

I love the warranties notebook...i try(notice that I said try) to keep them all in a file box but I come across a random one every now and then somewhere else

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