Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Three Become One

No, this isn't a theological post.

When working on the laundry room project, (which started out simply as the desire to paint the below brown wall white), I decided to come up with a better storage solution for my extra linens--you know, the extra mattress pads, towels, blankets and (huge) pillows kicking around.

The solution, as you know, was a painted GORM.

However, before I could put the Painted GORM in his new home, I had to make room for him. In other words, all of this had to be evicted:

This is Area 1

Before I'd decided on a Painted GORM, however, I faced the very real possibility of having to purchase something 36" wide for this spot--which would have meant moving all of this to the left about 5 inches (12 cm).

Yes. The Tansu Pantry.

And that meant I had to tackle this.

Of course, this needed to be sorted, anyway. It was long overdue. There was a lot of Christmas stuff--and, even though we're less than 100 days away-- it needed to be put in its proper home under the stairs.

This is Area 2

As we rebuilt the wall at the end of the laundry room, it became clear we were going to need this area clear eventually--like, hopefully in a few weeks when we insulate and enclose this wall in luscious bead board wall paneling. The laundry tub was just a HUGE dust and clutter catcher. (There's no way to attach a drain to it without running a pipe I would trip right over, so I have no use for the behemoth.)

This is area 3.

It is now gone. Mostly.

So, Area 3 is decluttered and Area 1 has been repurposed.

That leaves us with Area 2.

I'm not entirely sure where everything went.

Perhaps this is a theological post, after all!

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