Monday, September 19, 2011

Mid-Month Progress Report

I just want to take a minute and absorb the fact that there are a full two weeks of September left. I do not have to panic.

Here are where things stand project-wise:

1. Finish re-sizing slip cover for the couch.

I have torn apart all the seams and washed all the pieces to within an inch of their life. Now, I need to lay it on the couch and start pinning, cutting and sewing. Probably start on Tuesday.

2. Finish the basement project
3. Paint Master Bedroom

I don't think I am going to do this. I'm really not sure I want to paint it the colour I purchased. I think I'd rather use the paint in the hallways instead. (It's the same colour of paint I used for the front hall, Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Grey.) The hallway is a massive project though.

What I will do, though, is paint my kitchen cabinets. I want to paint the upper cabinet frame and doors white. That's all. The weather is supposed to be beautiful again this week with unseasonably high temperatures. Going to take full advantage of that!

See? Five doors. That's it. How hard can it be?

Schedule repairs for bathroom wall.

They are scheduled. My husband says he'll get it done on his next round of holidays--a week off in October. (That's also when he's scheduled to put up another new wall in the basement. Cross your fingers.)

So, there we have it.

Not at all overwhelming, really.

The endless long-standing Master To Do list--you know the one last updated in November of 2010?-- it's just making me feel antsy to get it done and out of my life. This article --on staging your home for living-- helped, too.

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