Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Hampers

I had two three bag sorters: the kind made out of plastic tubes and fabric. They were probably close to ten years old.

sort of like this, only one was navy blue and the other had blue and white stripes. Neither had that fabric "stretcher" on the bottom, either. Mine had custom applied stringing .

They sat underneath a giant table next to the washer and drier. Every time laundry came into the laundry room to be sorted, I'd pull these out and begin. The constant pulling was hard on them, I think.

When we started the laundry room project, the fabric was torn on one of them. The plastic corners holding the tubes had cracked --many times.

As part of our laundry room makeover, I was just going to repair them.

Yet again.

I did fix it. I sewed the fabric back together. I used duct tape to fix the plastic corner on the top.

It was just depressing.

I do wish I had got a picture of them before I put them out to the curb: I liked the way I strung the string on the bottom to keep them together.

But we went to Home Despot one evening to price wallboard--and lo and behold what did we see? Metal and canvas three bag laundry sorters on sale for the price of new plastic ones.

My sweetie brought two home as a surprise for me the very next day.

Isn't it buff?

No problems pulling that baby out from under the table!

I'm just thrilled.


onshore said...

Hey, that looks good! It also seems hard-wearing.

Did you say you got two of them? How do you sort laundry? I have dark and light coloured and then hot wash.

Alana in Canada said...

It does seem excessive, doesn't it? But then, we are four people.
These are my categories:
Darks, whites, reds, pinks and purples, "colourfuls" towels and the last is for difficult to wash things like rugs. I may do away with that category--and replace it with one called "things that need to be bleached" like cleaning cloths. (My daughter is very sensitive to bleach, so I have to be sure none of her clothing gets mixed in.)

onshore said...

No it's not excessive, that's just how you do it. Like you said, your family is bigger than mine, so if I would wash all reds separately I'd have to wait for months to get a full load from that colour, but that's not the case for you.

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