Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Perfect Linen Closet

does not exist.

Remember this?

I absolutely adore those baskets.

I hunted for something similar in my neck of the woods pretty thoroughly last week and couldn't find any decently sized straw coloured baskets-- the ones I found were black. I blame the recent trend to all things grey, black and white. It's a hard industrial look and I doubt it will last, really. It seems to me that people want comfort and cozy these days--when they're buying, that is.

Back to the laundry room. The place I have for it is here: between the pantry shelves and the upright freezer.

what? don't you keep your peacock feathers in your pantry? I suppose you don't keep your spare lamps here, either, then?

I couldn't really find any shelving deep enough. The upright freezer is 24" deep--just a lovely depth to be able to work with to hold the big bulky items I needed to store.

But I couldn't find anything 24" deep except plastic.

Not quite the look I had in mind. Not even with baskets.

As some of you suggested, closed storage would be a great way to go here. Wouldn't a nice white cupboard look fabulous?

It would--if I could find something deep enough that wouldn't also put a hole through the bottom of our pockets!

I spent a few hours on-line and my choices narrowed pretty quickly to cabinets 15 1/8" deep like this one with four shelves.

source:home depot $99.00 seemed like a lot to pay for flimsy pressboard and melamine.

The other option was to purchase a bona fide "Wardrobe" closet. They are a respectable depth at 20". But they only have one shelf and a hanging rod. We would have had to drill holes in the sides for shelf supports and then purchase more melamine shelving and cut it to size ourselves. It was just too much work for us right now.

Pricing was in the stratosphere for these things, too. Walmart had one for $219.00. Walmart. Last Friday night I discovered that a local Zellers had similar ones at 40% off--and that put it back into the $100.00 -$120.00 range.

But still.

I want to spend my money (and my husband's time) building and insulating this wall, instead.

So, instead, I now have GORM, from Ikea.

But, mine has an extra shelf and I painted it white. (I don't think I can face another knot of rustic pine.)

Ta da.

We're almost done. The water control switch on the washing machine broke and caused a few floods--which caused some water damage to our brand new walls! We've run some fans to dry things out and we're hoping some primer and paint will cover it up.

As well, the last of the cast iron pipe from the upstairs bath tub clogged and choked up last week--so that has now been sawn out and replaced with plastic. There was water all over the floor on this side of the laundry room, too!

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