Friday, September 16, 2011

Boy's Room: Red and Blue

Currently, my son's walls are yellow, Hawthorn Yellow by Benjamin Moore to be exact. But you'd never know it to look at them.

They are plastered in posters, drawings, a craft or two, pictures cut from cardboard, and even a shot up target and a Yahtzee score card.

I have been searching the web to find better ideas for displaying his stuff. One idea I absolutely love is this one:

I thought I might string it around his walls, about two thirds to three quarters of the way up and then paint a big fat red stripe above it to "anchor" it and give the whole thing a "border."

Something like this with the Dignet "wire" placed at the bottom edge of the stripe:

source: HGTV

In fact, I must have seen this picture before because this is exactly what I was envisioning, from the beige on the walls to the blue comforter on the bed. I found this picture only last night, though.

It turns out, however, that he is more interested in my painting his walls blue than he is in a tidy display of his "art."

So, blue and red? How can this work?

There are lots of ways it doesn't work.

source When my son saw this in Google images, he said he thought it was made from Lego. Need I say more?

I'll spare you the rest of the images of rooms which to me do not work.

It's tough to balance these colours. My son wants a particularly strong blue, too. No sophisticated navy. Nothing pale. No, he wants this:

Big Country Blue by Benjamin Moore.

I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon these two images from different blogs.

The first image is a room designed by Evelyn Benatar.

source: Simplified Bee

The room below was created by a different woman on a different blog. Her son, though three, loves blue and red just as much as my thirteen year old. Moreover, the blue they like is similar.

source: Four Walls and a Roof

These two images tell me that the blue my son has chosen needs to be toned down considerably. It needs a lot more grey in it in order to work. As well, this colour scheme needs a lot of white to keep it from stifling the room. Here, in the second room, the decision was made to restrict the blue to one wall and paint the rest white. That is certainly an option. It makes sense to run the dignet only along one wall.

I can't believe I found this:

source:Cool Kids' Rooms

You know, maybe, this could work.

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onshore said...

Exciting colour sceme! I love the baby room, although I think I love it mostly because of the colour coordinated books :)

I'm not loving the last photo, it looks like a dorm room, but that is not actually because of the colours, more like because the desk and bed are so close together and the fan and the vent on the top.

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