Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wall O'Curtains Returns

Some of you may remember the Great Basement Cure of 2008. Back then, I decided to put up curtains over these storage shelves.

Somehow, sometime, the wire holding the curtains up came unfastened. (I used the Dignitet system from Ikea). The curtains came tumbling down.

I decided I would simply get more wire and reattach everything.

I bought the wire.

I lost the wire.

Cleaning up last week I found the wire again.

Today, I did what I needed to do (and I'm hoping it will hold) and now we have my wall o'curtains back.


I had this little project on a To Do list dated November 2010!


scb said...

Well done! Better late than whenever...

Let's hope the wire holds this time.

onshore said...

Hooray from here too! Great to get that crossed off from your to do list.

The basement looks lot less muzzy with the curtain.

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