Saturday, September 10, 2011

Organizing with Kids

It's been slow going.

I'm trying to spend 15 minutes a day with each of them: somehow that is turning out to be difficult.

So far, my daughter and I have dealt with a few clothes and her two nightstands. Today I sent her upstairs to finish vacuuming her floor--and when I joined her--she hadn't started vacuuming-- but she had started sorting the books on her bookcases!


and after:

I am so proud of her.


scb said...

Yay for her! The bookcase looks great.

Good luck with the vacuuming another time. I seem to remember doing the same sort of thing when I was her age, being asked/told to do one thing and being distracted by something else, but accomplishing something. (Sometimes.)

Alana in Canada said...

Yes--and I still do it!

I don't suppose you could get a children's book out of that, could you? A nice picture book? (Think of the crazy chaotic illustrations, as things get worse and worse, as one project piles on top of another!)

onshore said...

How nice is that! I don't think it matters that she did this instead of vacuuming. This must of been more important to her. And look how happy she is!

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