Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fridge Guy Came Today....

and lay down on my filthy floor and vacuumed my fridge coils.

He was kind. He praised my vacuum cleaner for being the right size and shape to get at the bit that needed to be vacuumed. He said something about not having as much mold as he would expect--or something? I'm not entirely sure. His Chinese (or maybe it was Vietnamese?) accent was a bit thick.

But, though he was cheerful, quick and thorough (and he put Vaseline on the sides of the vegetable drawers so they will slide more easily) I could see that he was a fastidious person who did not like getting down on my floor at all. (Without thinking, he turned the vacuum from the coils to me floor in front of the fridge and started in on it!)

And you know what?

I knew he was coming. I've known for days. And I got ready. I washed out the fridge. Those veggie drawers were clean, thank goodness! I'd scrubbed the shelves (all but one).

I did dishes, endlessly, yesterday--and did two rack fulls today before he came at noon. I wiped the counters.

I even swept the floor. (I should have taken a picture of that big pile!)

But I hadn't had time to wash it.

I've been cleaning the kitchen for three days in preparation for his visit--and there just wasn't time.

For me, this is a clean kitchen.


So what if I'm in the midst of painting my kitchen cabinets?

So what the oven conked out and we've had it torn apart in the middle of the floor to check the wiring a few times?

A strange man still lay down on my dirty kitchen floor and vacuumed my filthy refrigerator coils.

I need to fix my "problem" with housekeeping, whatever it is.

Well, OK, it's no big mystery. My problem is with the drudgery of consistency.

That's all.


Anne At Large said...

The drudgery of consistency. What a concise way to describe it. I guess that's why so many places recommend the "do something for 15 minutes and then quit" system, to avoid the feeling of drudgery. But those 15 minutes still add up!

Do your kids have chores? When I was little I got a small allowance but I had to take out the upstairs trash (not the big heavy kitchen trash) and vacuum the upstairs (carpets, not rugs or wood floors). They were pretty idiot-proof and probably took one or two of those 15 minute chunks out of the equation ;)

Now I just need to get Matt to do some chores! Does anybody at your house pitch in or are you on your own?

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Anne! Folks pitch in when I ask (demand? Threaten? Cry?) but nothing is done, ahem, consistently! (O, I take that back. Hubby always makes sure the garbage gets taken out the night before the garbage people arrive.)

onshore said...

Are you sure it was your floor, maybe he just does not like to get down on any floor?

Good you got the coils cleaned finally? Do you now know how to do it on your own?

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