Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome September

(taken today.)

I've some fall flowers in the planters this year!
(The trim still isn't painted, though!)

Aby Garvey has a checklist of things to do this month.

I've added a few things to it:

September's Projects:

Finish re-sizing slip cover for the couch.

This is when I first put it on. It took a long time to get it this tight! photo from August 2010

Finish the basement project
  • insulate and seal wall
  • put up wall board
  • paint dresser
  • paint folding table
  • repair or buy new hampers

Paint Master Bedroom

Schedule repairs for bathroom wall.

Oh-- and I'll be working with each child on their rooms in Aby's course, "Organizing with your Kids." That is a priority!

There's lots more to do--but I really want to keep the list manageable. I can be overwhelmed so easily!


scb said...

I have to confess that your idea of a manageable list leaves me exhausted just thinking about it!

Good luck with it all! I'll look forward to updates.

onshore said...

I'm with scb, your list of things to do amazes me.

I would get new hampers, something not plastic, something that will last.

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