Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organizing with Kids--Son's Bookcase

I am declaring the organization of my son's bookcase complete!

(yes, that's the after shot.)

We worked on it in spurts since Organizing with Kids from Simplify 101 began at the beginning of the month. Here is what it looked like then:

My thirteen (yikes, almost 14!) year old did most of it himself. I would walk into his room, late in the afternoon, antsy to do something and he'd cheerfully stop whatever he was doing and start making decisions as I handed him whatever was on a shelf. Then, I'd leave him to it as I went looking for a Give-away bag and a Garbage bag.

Yesterday, I cleaned all the shelves we cleared--so relieved to have done that! There was lots of sneezing.

I would liked to have put more things under his bed--or stored them differently--at least separated the "display" items from the "stored" items (Bionicles battling in front of books, for example, while dramatic, looks messy to me!) but he didn't feel the need. So, I left it the way he likes it.

It is, after all, his room.

1 comment :

onshore said...

If he likes it it's great! Most importatly it's clean and in order. Well done, both of you.

What does it say on the note that's taped on the bookcase?

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