Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Donation Station/Folding Table Makeover

This is one of those things where making a couple of small changes creates a Big Impact.

I love projects like this!

In my basement laundry room, I'm lucky enough to have room for a folding table.

I made it by placing a piece of (good) plywood on top of an old 2x4 frame we got out of my mother's garage years ago. (I've had that piece of plywood since I was eighteen. I used it as a desk top.)

To the left of the table goes laundry straight out of the dryer: to the right goes the folded laundry right into a basket to be taken upstairs.

Here is what it looked like for ...well, ever.

Underneath the table top I placed a few sturdy boxes. Beneath them is a plastic under-the-bed- box. I couldn't use it upstairs because the plastic would have scratched up our wood floors terribly. And since the frame doesn't have a bottom shelf, this serves the purpose. Plus, it's waterproof! (But can you believe it sat empty for ten years?) This was the best place to put out grown clothing when the kids were younger. Out of the wash and into the boxes they would go! Now, it's a great catch-all for everything leaving the house.

The makeover was too simple. I painted the frame and covered the plywood top with a plastic tablecloth I picked up at the dollar store. I stapled it down.

I replaced the hodge podge of boxes underneath with two white laundry baskets I already had on hand.

And, I filled that under-the-bed box with my husbands hunting clothing--that freed up an astonishing amount of space in another container for other things. I placed white "newsprint" paper on top of the clothing to camouflage the Camouflage.

With the baskets on top of it (instead of boxes) the container is much more accessible!

And another view: (if you were standing and talking to me from the other side of the table while I folded, this is what you would see. Well, hopefully you'd see me, too. After all, that's who folded all that laundry yesterday!)

I have no idea why I took a picture of it covered in laundry. Maybe I was trying to demonstrate how it works? I don't know. Think of it as an action shot.

Boom da da boom.

Not sure this really qualifies as a "Wow" but I'm linking to Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style.

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onshore said...

Oh, this looks so much better. Definately a Wow! The light blue and white look very good together.

I wonder if you could fill one more shelf into the unit? Would the other baskets on the sides fit in the unit on a new shelf on top of the donation station baskets? That way you could loose the other stands you have there on the sides. (although I kind of like that foldable suitcase stand)

Alana in Canada said...

Well, I could, but then the table wouldn't work as well as it does--I like to put the undolded laundry in that basket to the right (facing the table)--the basket on the left gets filled up one's I've sorted and folded on the table.

Thanks for you comment, though! I'm glad you like it.

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