Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taking it to the Studs...


My simple little project --to lighten and brighten up the basement laundry room-- now has us scouring the city for new batt insulation.

I decided to paint this wall. It is under an East facing window. The washer and dryer are in the right foreground. That's our upright freezer in the back left.

When I removed my carefully bagged and labelled pile of blankets and pillows from under the window and took down the curtain, I noticed that the wall board overlapped. Not just and edge here and there but great chunks of it. So, hubby and I decided we'd get new tongue and groove to replace it.

It is the classic renovation story: take down a wall, find a nest of problems.

Fortunately, the wall in question is only 12 feet 6 inches wide and the "nest" is figurative, though when we took off the nasty brown wall board it looked as if the insulation had been nests for certain four legged tim'rous beasties.

But, fortunately, no. This was done, it seems, by human hands when it was installed. There were actually holes in some of the pieces. No wonder it's freezing down here in winter!

So we've taken it all out and plan to replace it. But for now --there be our walls in all their nakedness.

Yep. The irony is--they're white!


onshore said...

Unplanned projects, those are never that much fun. The wall looks ok though, at least what can be seen from the picture, no mold or anything.

But it will be so much better when it's done! In all ways. Just think how warm and white it will be.

scb said...

Fixing that wall will give you such a sense of satisfaction... as long as it's not like eating peanuts, and one wall leads to another, and to another... ...

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