Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reflections on Monday

It was one of those nasty, frustrating, difficult days.

After we have breakfast and I get my daughter out the door to school (which will happen Thursday) my morning routine is:

Swish and swipe the bathrooms (5 minutes)
Wash breakfast dishes, put them away once dry. (10 minutes)
Sweep through the house and pick up and put away for 15 minutes.
Pick up master bedroom and put things away. (5 minutes)
Laundry: fold a load, transfer one, start one. (10 minutes)
Review my calendar and to-do list. (10 minutes)
Then, I allow myself some computer time as a "carrot."

Today, the goal was to implement it. But, it took all day to do this hour-long routine. All day! Every step I took was backwards.

As a result, it looks as though a couple of teenaged theives ransacked the place.

I think I expect myself to do too much on Mondays, though.

Hub's Work Food Prep:
Prepare for husband's work week:
1) make muffins
2) make granola bars. (This should shift to Sunday, as my daughter should take one in her lunch, too.)
3) make either a large pot of soup or a huge bean salad.

I got the muffins baked.

The MM list schedules the vacuuming of the main floor of the house on Mondays (among other things). It makes for a very heavy day. I think I'll just make an executive decision to transfer all those items to Tuesday's list. It's what I do anyway--though I feel "behind."

I didn't get any of the items done on Monday's list. I didn't even look at it!

But we did get our homeschooling done. I did a bit of puttering in the yard, and ironed three summer shirts (while watching the pilot episode of the British show Touching Evil. My husband picked it up from the library yesterday.)

Sorry for the downer of an entry. Some days just don't go well.


onshore said...

Have you thought about questioning your whole cleaning schedule? Maybe if mostly the stuff that's not in their own place is the most irritating thing to you then you could consentrate on that? Leave the basic cleaning like vacuuming to a less important role. I'm not familiar with the MM cleaning lists, I'm sure they are good, but you should do what works for you.

Talking from my own experience, I like when stuff is out of the way but I don't care if there are dust balls in corners. We don't vacuum weekly and I think it's fine. I'm way more happy using this strategy than vacuuming around the stuff.

Just food for thought.

The Farmers Daughter said...

After years of "organizing" both myself and others - remember I used to be with Franklin Covey- I have decided to just let it go. No more schedules for cleaning or food. I'm officially going with the flow.

I'm not a hoarder. I'm not messy- and after my dinner with neighbors last week that is crystal clear to me-they are PIGS. Nice, but God, how do people live like that?

Anyway, I've decided to do what needs to be done the most that day.
Today, I am doing the dishes and cleaning the dining room. I put on some loud music on youtube for the dishes and just knock it out. I've decided to stop stressing about stuff. If I feel I have to clean, I will. If I want to go ride my bike, I will. If I want to go visit my Mom I will....and if I want to spend all day on the blogs by God I am going to do that too.

It's working for me btw. I've lost two pants sizes so far this summer and we've done a ton of fun stuff. The Mr. and I are closer than ever. The boy seems well adjusted. Things are good.

School doesn't start for us until next Tuesday and then I'll see how lunches and getting the boys ready and out the door work this year.

Alana in Canada said...

First, thanks so much for your kind words about my frustration with the timing of my housework. I know I could give up the schedules and the lists--that is an option.
I'm not sure I trust myself to do what needs to be done instead of doing what I feel like. No, I'm afraid that what I feel like doing isn't what needs to be done to keep the family and the house functioning well.
I'm not sure I can be responsible without check lists and reminders.

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