Friday, August 26, 2011

A Perfect Week

I wonder if it is even possible.

What do I mean by a "perfect week?"

1) All housekeeping chores are done in a timely manner:
Soooo the dishes kept up, hotspots cleared, cleaning done according to the daily list provided by Motivated Moms.

a little cleaning and organization I did this week

2) My son's schoolwork for the day (and the marking!) completed by dinner-time.

3) His schedule for the week planned out and ready for Monday morning.

4) Dinners cooked and eaten together, lunches and snacks pre-prepared.

fridge cleared out day before garbage pick-up.

5) The laundry done everyday--with none left to do (no putting away, no folding, no drying, and not enough sitting in the hampers to justify a load) by Saturday evening. (So Sunday would be the day of rest for laundry!)

6) The house picked up and clean--all week.

7) And on a personal note: I want to plan my food every evening for the next day and do some sort of exercise everyday.


I think I am going to try it, starting tomorrow. I've been working really hard on the decluttering thing and I think I am finally in a position to "keep up" with the surfaces I've already cleared and organized.

If I try it for a week, I will know what systems I need to implement to help things along.

I like my jars.

As a reward, I will take pictures on Saturday of the whole house and give us a house tour. Maybe. Let's see how it goes.

Cross your fingers for me.

(P.S. I have not forgotten about the Gallery wall. I decided to take apart my store bought slip cover and re-sew it into a custom cover for the couch. I've taken the pieces apart. I just need the courage to cut it down.)

1 comment :

onshore said...

Well done!! I do wih you courage for the slipcover project. It will turn out perfect as the week you've had.

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