Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reflections on Saturday

Saturday is an odd day for us.

My husband works Saturdays, so it's not really the "weekend." On the other hand, I'm not teaching my son and both kids are underfoot.

So, yesterday, I decided it was "catch up on laundry day" and "clean the basement day." I also went through my closet and got rid of a few clothes I know I won't wear whether I shrink into them or not.

Everything on the couch will go.

As I did that, my daughter cleaned her room across the hall. (Yay!)

I also planned some school work for next week which took quite a few hours and totally destroyed any sense of "break" I might have had. However, I am glad it is done!

Then, I ventured into the basement. Most of it was just stuff that simply needed to be put away. But as I stood in the middle of it, I wondered how on earth to begin. Where one thing needed to go, there was something there already. I couldn't move that thing until something else was dealt with--and on it goes.

This is what is at the foot of the stairs--and has been since mid-July when we got home from camping--and I had to re-pack the kids and send them out on their own camping trips.

These are the shelves where we store out camping gear and suitcases.

The kids were a big help (until they decided to blow up balloons, pin them to the dart board and pop them with darts!)

Actually, they were great and I was happy for the company.

In the evening, while hubby and I watched an episode of a British Crime series drama (Wire in the Blood) I folded, and folded and folded.

Today is errand day. Lots of those, unfortunately!

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