Monday, August 29, 2011

Reflections on Sunday

Have you ever noticed that when you clean up one area of your home other areas start to look shabby and in need of attention? That those spaces, which before you cleaned up were perfectly quiet (though messy) and didn't bother you at all? But now that you've cleaned up--even just a little bit--you can't stand the messy parts anymore? Something must be done! Now!

That happened in my yard, yesterday.

We decided to (finally) get rid of the junk by the fence.

Once that was gone, I started noticing there was junk everywhere!

by the back door:

under the kitchen window:

and underneath the lilac tree.

Once I'd finished preparing our homeschool week, I went out and started tidying around the yard and pruning up the lilac tree. I didn't really get too far by the time they returned, though. I think I'll make it an area to focus on this week.

In order to make this the "perfect" week, Sunday is designated "Prep and Errand Day."

Mark son's schoolwork.
Make up homeschool schedule for the week.
Any other homeschool preparation, as needed.

Plan lunches.
Make up shopping list.

Make up focused project list for the week:
1) taxes.
2) slipcover for couch
3) yardwork

as needed.

(Today we bought the last of my daughter's school supplies, printer ink, a new phone and a laundry hamper. We left at 2:30, we got home after 6.)

I do not like this schedule, really. We are a one car family: that's a decision we have made for very good reasons. But it means that Sunday is really the only day I have for running errands like this. As well, though, Sunday is the only day we have available for the four of us to be together. Today, all we had time for together was dinner.

Maybe tomorrow after supper we can do something.

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onshore said...

I sort of love those "something must be done now" moments, it's just so motivating. Hope you have time to work on those next week.

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