Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clutter Control Day 2

I didn't get done what I wanted to do.

I wanted to fix this mess:

Many moons ago, I disassembled this light fixture in order to re-wire the contraption. I never did get around to it and I decided that it was time to have some light back in this room.

(It is North facing--and it is astonishing how stuff just piles up inside the cave. Did I mention this is the ceiling fixture for the dining room/home office? Yes. Where I'm sitting now.)

(I'm cringing)

I can not find the little hardware bits I needed to put things back together. I found some--but not all. I thought I'd been so careful about it all, too. I'm quite disappointed in myself. sigh. I guess that's one of the tests of being a well-organized person.

If you can start a project with bits--and not manage to lose the bits for the project when it's time to reassemble--you pass!

So, instead--

I worked on putting together a bunch of school supplies with my daughter (and we cleared the floor beside her bed in the process, yay!).

I went through a drawer (looking for the bits) and found three cameras we no longer use (one broken). I found the disks that go with the cameras, put them together in a baggie, and two are now in the donation station.

I went through another drawer and made a list of the containers I need to put inside it to hold everything properly.

I cleaned out my purse.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went shopping--I told her to start without me. I told her the list was in my purse. When I returned, she was holding two lists in her hands--and neither was the right one. I couldn't find the one we needed until we were headed out of the store. Geesh.

Then, because I had to have something to show for today's efforts, I cleaned off two surfaces which constantly need it:

The front hallway (sorry, no before. It was good, too. You couldn't get the door shut for all the shoes and roller blades):

and the back:

ta da!

It's not your imagination. The second image is brighter as well as tidier. I finally got around to replacing all three burnt out bulbs in the overhead fixture.

This is good.

1 comment :

onshore said...

Hope you find teh bits you've lost. Nothing more annoying that not being able to do something because of some small things.

But very good achievements else where!

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