Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clutter Control

...as in getting it under.

I've enrolled myself in Simplify 101's Quick and Simple Clutter Control for the upteenth time. (Though for the first time in over six months.) It started today--and not a moment too soon! I have been drowning under all my clutter ever since we got back from camping. (Yes, those are tent poles and walking sticks by the back door, there.)

My approach today was to spend 15 minutes each on my routine tasks: dishes and laundry, and an extra 15 truly de-cluttering. You know, picking up and putting away the junk that has just piled up.

I have a very long list of those sorts of areas. Here is the first: the hooks by the back door and the kitchen table.

Ta Da!


Sallie said...

Doesn't just that little bit make you feel better? I took the class once, but I think it's time for another round. I try to take care of some clutter everyday. That way I don't get overwhelmed. I think my brain shuts down when I see too much clutter.

onshore said...

Marvellous! I was thinking of enrolling to it too, it's just so much fun. But we have been trying to do 15 min of clutter control without supervision :) It's working ok, we've been doing that a couple of times a week maybe.

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