Friday, June 20, 2008

What I Did on SCB's Staycation

Since I too am feeling rather guilty about the volume of words I've produced, (and unlike Wende I've been long-winded and technical, to boot) I'll provide a little summary too.

Cut my hair
An invasion of tiny critters necessitated shearing my below-the-shoulder length hair to my ear lobes. I have no regrets.

Did Laundry.

Stalked the surrounding neighbourhoods for landscaping ideas
and plant ideas and curb appeal. Noticed lots of overgrown conifers and badly done additions. Found lots of tasteful and charming front yards, too.

Did Laundry

Expanded my latin vocabulary to include words like pinus mugo, lonicara, physocarpus, viburnum, and thuja occidentalis. Fell in and out of love with conifers. Fell in and out of love with P. Allen Smith.

Learned an amazing amount about plants--and that they cost an arm and a leg. So do fences.

Had Aurelia plant a little window box of flowers for the playhouse.

Did Laundry

Went back to school with the kids.We are almost back up to full speed with our grammar, math, spelling, history, latin and science.

Planted tomatoes.
Replanted tomatoes

Thought of renaming the dog Houdini.
He's getting free of us with amazing regularity and even with racing along with his nose to the ground, he's faster than Underdog. The great proliferation of rabbits in the neighbourhood doesn't help either.

Did Laundry

Discovered the WT Diet.
Indeed. Buy nice clothes, wear them for a month and feel great about your self and at the end of the month go buy new ones. (Though I'm not rushing out to do that just yet.) My new jeans are now floating, floating on me, people. I can pick up a fistful of fabric at each thigh and the "high" waist is now below my belly button. I think it's the pants, though. My other jeans seem to fit the way they always have.

Weekend Plans.

  • Go for a Solstice Stroll this evening at our local Botanical Gardens. (Blast, I just called to clarify the cost and it's beyond our reach at the moment. Blast, blast, blast.)
  • Subject Aurelia and I to a second round of critter treatment.
  • Do laundry
  • Read more about garden planning
  • Read more on plants and narrow down my flowering shrub choices
  • Pick colour for fence.
  • Maybe re-replant the tomatoes?

    scb said...

    Thanks so much for the update!! Great idea.

    Although the reason for the haircut is, um, less than wonderful, I'm so glad you're happy with the cut itself! I remember when you got your hair cut last year, and regretted it immediately. Yay for finding the style that's right for you (ten years younger is very impressive -- on the TV show of the same name they go through an awful lot to achieve that result, some of it quite painful).

    Boy, I wish that WT Weight Loss thing would work for me! I thought I'd lost a couple of pounds, but they managed to track me down and jump back on. Grrr.

    Yay for nearly up to speed with school, and for flowerboxes, and for all everything.

    scb said...

    Why won't the tomatoes stay planted? Have they learned from PupHoudini the secret of daring escapes? Inquiring minds want to know...

    Alana in Canada said...

    OK: the tomatoes.

    At first I planted one into a giant old washtub. Worked well. But it took 1/2 bag of rocks and a full bag of "container" soil--v. expensive. So, I decided to plant the second one right beside the first in the same pot.

    I was reading last night that tomatoes do not like to be crowded and that I should have planted them each more deeply. As well, the roots don't seem to have uncurled from their "pot" shape yet--apparently, then, they are also "root-bound." To fix that I need to slash little wedges from the bottom 12, 6, 3 and 9 o'clock.
    So, that's why I may re-replant them.

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