Monday, June 23, 2008

Needing Sympathy

Finding out that the May Tree is irredeemable was depressing. But that on top of the estimate to remove the two trees and the shrub in the front is enough to send me into despair. I've been doing my best to fight it, but I just feel like sobbing. Over trees!

Well, no, it isn't trees, of course. It's money. Of course. I am wistfully envious of people like Lorijo who likely work very hard to have bargains seemingly fall into their laps--it's a gift and I don't have it, nor do I know how to get it.

The estimate for chopping down the two trees and the shrub into firewood sized pieces is $398.00. Grinding the three stumps: $198.00 Now, I'm thinking I need to call them back and say, "Hey, we want to feed the remains into the wood chipper for mulch, we don't need firewood". Perhaps that will bring the estimate out of the stratosphere? After declaring we just couldn't afford it this year (and at that price we most certainly cannot.) the husband did volunteer to "ask around at work."

I am tempted, sorely tempted, to try and do it myself. It isn't complicated, is it, Lorijo? Just trim the branches off (where do I get a ladder high enough? What sort of saw do I need?), cut a notch in the tree (where exactly? how far up the trunk?), attach a rope to the top (how thick, how long?) and pull those suckers down (with what? How much force do we need?).

What price a dream?

On a more positive note, this afternoon I cleared out this area of Mountain Ash suckers and Raspberry canes (a "gift" from our neighbour):

It sure doesn't look like this now. And the lilac has stopped blooming. I pruned it today.

I found these:

What should I do with them? (There's a few more in there, but I ran out of strength.)


zooza said...

Lovely rocks. Perhaps a rockery?

On the tree surgery note, that quote does seem very high, compared to what we paid very recently to have two trees removed and one majorly trimmed. It may juts be a UK/Canada difference, but might it be worth getting another couple of quotes?

drwende said...

Along with getting more quotes, research what it'd take to remove the tree with the help of some people from your husband's work. You want to be cautious with this -- a tree collapsing on your roof or your car is a Bad Thing -- but my family's propensity for DIY* makes me think it can be done.

*I'm the lone wimp who pays for services, and I always feel guilty that I don't sew my own clothes, bake my own bread, grow my own fruit, and build my own house.

scb said...

@ alana -- Definitely get more quotes, and see if your husband has strong friends who have chopped down trees in the recent past, so that they're experiences. just be careful if you go up on a high ladder (In my imagination I'm standing on the ground, hands over my eyes but peeking through my fingers, yelling "BE CAREFUL!" every 5 seconds. I'm a scaredy-cat from way back.)

about the rocks -- did you get them from around our flowerbeds at the farm? (just kidding, of course...) Mum had her front flowerbeds outlined with rocks.

@ wende -- you build oodles of houses, they're just a little on the small side for human habitation.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you all. I will get some more quotes. I As I'm still struggling with a concept for the front yard, I guess it doesn't need to be done this year--though it's hard to "move forward" psychologically without any physical progress.

lorijo said...

A few things- can the tree that is ill infect other trees in the area- or is it the only one of it's kind around? If it's a single tree you can wait a bit ( a season) on cutting it down.
Get at least 3 quotes. Make sure they are bonded. Talk to your neighbors if they have had a tree trimmer work for them. That quote sounds way to high to me.
You can take down the trees yourself, but it's hard. It's dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Not just for your house, your car, but you too. Our friend this past week saved some guy out in the woods who had been chopping down trees for firewood and had one fall on him. He had been under the tree for hours before our friend drove by and saw him. He had to be airlifted out of the forest.

The shrubs/trees in the front of your house- how tall are they? They may be a better choice to take down DIY as long as there are no power lines in their way.

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