Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Killing plants--hardly a Boom da da boom--

I feel so guilty.

After two years of half-hearted "organic" methods to remove my vigorous and thriving patch of weeds, I've decided to use a well-known herbicide. I applied 1/2 the mixture I made up--over about twice the recommended area for the whole mix. Will it work? I should know in 24-48 hours when everything is supposed to start turning brown.

There were some interesting looking plants in there, but they had evil looking "cocoon" white fuzz on the stems where they met the whorl of leaves. They gave me the willies. I may be able to get a picture once the batteries for the camera recharge.

I also sprayed a bunch of long grass type stuff over by the west fence.

The question is--now what?
Once all this stuff dies and I clear it out--what do I do to keep it "cleaned up?" *

My plans for the area by the house will be time consuming to implement--I probably won't be able to actually grow anything until next year.

As for the area by the west fence, where all the long nasty grass is now dying--I have no plans for it yet at all.

*I just re-read the instructions on the bottle: it says further applications will be needed as new growth appears. So, I quess that's that. I'll be waking up early in the morning and killing things for the rest of the summer.


lorijo said...

after hours of pricing garage sale junk I went out and took some before pics of the yard. I have 2 things I want to fix this season, and two things for my husband to finish. Yea goals!

Alana in Canada said...

Congrats on getting that pricing done! Looking forward to the post.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Hey, things must be killed sometimes before things can get done. I am not looking forward to The Final Solution for the grass growing in my path area either. It's the only living grass in the backyard so I feel like it deserves some credit. But some things just have to go.

drwende said...

Many "organic" methods don't work very well, which is why they were replaced by synthetics.

Moderate use of effective chemicals is not going to make the earth explode. The "silent spring" problems came from corporate-sized farms that were using ridiculous amounts of pesticides and herbicides, under older and more toxic formulas.

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