Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Fence

(No, we didn't suddenly get some snow. This is from January 2004. We musn't forget the longest season of the year when we're planning our gardens.)
While Wende's been looking at lush green things, I've been looking at fences. Ugh. Not nearly as much fun.

But I did find this gem:

Apparently, it's in Maui. (Go figure).

And then there's this one: the playground fence. I think it's wonderful.

My ambitions are not quite so exotic, however. I just want a natural board fence: but given that I am not quite the masochist it seems I need to be, I will be painting it. I have received the go-ahead. I'm not really sure this is a good thing, nor is it entirely non-masochistic. (The best thing would be just to let the paint continue peeling for the next ten years. Alas, I am impatient.) And, you know me, a project isn't complete unless it includes a little painting. In this case, it will be a LOT of painting. The husband said he purchased two ten gallon pails when he painted it 12 years ago. He applied two coats.

In order to approximate the look of a natural fence, I want to paint the thing grey/brown. Surprisingly, google lacks images of dark grey fences. I did manage to scrounge this one.

And this:

It came with a whole article on why dark coloured fences can be a good thing. (The interesting thing about the article wasn't the reasons for having a dark fence, per se, but that I'd already figured them out. Without anyone telling me already. You know you've learned something when....)
Don't get me wrong, I think white fences can be attractive especially when they're as open as this one:

But a white privacy fence?

As my Mother-in-law would say: "Oh my g-d. Give me a break." (As she said repeatedly. Like punctuation). Can you imagine this in winter? My poor eyes.

By the way--Zooza--you have the best fence ever. It's amazing.

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zooza said...

I love those grey fences - especially the mushroom coloured one.

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