Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday's Ten Step Project.

I finally bit the bullet and planted one of my tomatoes.
(I didn't have enough soil for the second.)

Step One.
Agonize about the containers.

Step Two.
Stop worrying.

Step Three.
Put in rocks. The bag of "soil" said to put down gravel or pebbles. Too late.

Step Four.
Wrestle wheel barrow out of garage.

Step Five.
Moisten soil.

Step Six:
Put soil in container.

Step Seven.
Call daughter to help.

Step Eight:
Have helper hold plant in container while she mugs for the camera and put in more soil.

Step Nine.
Put coffee grounds down around the top to discourage the dog from eating the plant.

Step Ten
Water thoroughly and take final picture.

Let's hope it survives and gives us lots of juicy, sweet, large, ripe tomatoes.


lorijo said...

I hope your tomatoes grow and produce for you! As I am sure you have read we have a tomatoe issue down here right now- it's amazing even after only a few days without them how much I miss a tomatoe.

I hope mine survived these storms- I haven't the hear to go and look. Tonight I will go down there and see what kind of damage was done- and to start trimming some trees. I have the start of a plan for our main view. Wish me luck!

lorijo said...

hear= heart. OOPS

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