Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing with Paint

The quest for the perfect fence colour has led to a complete re-visioning of the colour scheme for the house itself. Of course. That's just the way it goes around here.

So, first I turned to palettes. Not much, but I determined I liked fewer colours rather than more.

(I also seem to like black shutters. From Style at Home.)

Then I went looking for those "personalized colour viewers" that all the big name paint manufacturer's seem to have. I wanted to play around with painting a house. But my house is of no known style.

Victorian? Nix.
Colonial? Uh, no.
Craftsman? In spite of my location and blog name, sadly, no.
Modern? Nuh uh.

Immediate post-war square cheap story and a 1/2 just wasn't on any menu, either.

But I did find the "Historical Color Chart" from Sherwin Williams--and not only does it give you the colours (and co-ordinates to make a palette) it also gives you the RGB numbers and the hex values of the colour!

So, I was able to open up paint and go from this:

to this:
(Yes, I added shutters to the left window to give the facade some presence.)

Would it be tacky to spray paint my old, ugly aluminum front door to match the front door itself?


drwende said...

Spray painting the aluminum screen door may be exactly what it needs?

Do you get HGTV's Curb Appeal in Canada? (There's also a book.) Adding shutters is exactly the sort of thing they'd suggest.

(I share your frustration with the homes they show in color-picker programs. Who lives like that?)

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

I would definitely paint the door to match. I love the look of the new shutters...

lorijo said...

I would paint the door to match. I hate seeing a screen door and an actual door two different colors. (that's the reason my front door is white- the screen door is white- I have to admit I never considered spray paint)

I think style-wise you have a cottage by the way.

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