Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice

"In 2008, summer begins June 20, 7:59 P.M. EDT (23:59 UT)"

June 20, 2008
Sunrise: 5:05 MDT
Sunset: 22:07 MDT

Mermaids celebrate it.

Apparently, folks in Poland celebrate it as the Festival of Fire and Water.

But, of course, we're much more familiar with the stones. Ancient Stones standing to mark the position of the sun in the sky at the longest day of the year.


If you wish to build your very own sunwheel, you can get an idea of cost from this site.

Theoretically, if you travel around the world fast enough, it's possible to see the sun set continuously. Of course, the only way to actually see the sun set is on the ground...and so we have Google Images.

(1) In the East:

Above: Phu Phek Mountain in the left side of the picture. The picture was taken from a position straight true east of Phu Phek around summer solstice 2004. The sun is setting at its northernmost position and will set at the peak of Phu Phek at equinox.

(2) To the South (where, of course, it's actually the Winter Solstice):

Krueger Nat'l Park, Africa

(3)In the Netherlands:

(4) To Leeds:

(5)A short jump to Ireland (for Colleen):

(6) and in the U.S.,

(7) California:

(8) And, finally, to finish up. Alaska.

It's odd to think that summer starts as the days begin to shorten.

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