Friday, June 6, 2008

An Excercise in Garden Design.

I was perusing House Beautiful last night and I was struck with an idea from the article on colour. This month features brown. Perfect for my fence! I thought. David McCauley recommends Pratt ad Lambert's Autumn Dusk 12-19 and writes
try it with mustard, lavender, cerulean blue. Or cinnabar red, blush pink, black, bone.
Two instant colour schemes for the garden!

So, I started going through web-sites and garden books to find plants in these colours, suitable for my zone, with an eye to picking one for each season and varying height. As you can imagine, I was rather quickly overhwelmed.

For illustrative purposes, though, I stuck to tulips. (The brown "fence" colour is screen captured from Pratt and Lambert and blown up.)

Tulip images from this site

As it happens, I don't like it. But that's O.K. It gives me a place to start, at least. And it is rather exciting! I can see how gardening can be addictive.

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