Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Main View

As I did this, I quickly realised how arbitrary it is. The idea is to create an area from the main viewer--and then draw a parabola encompassing the "view." (For example, the parabola created for View A could be much larger than I've actually drawn it.)

I identified three areas for the front yard: the view from the corner, from inside the living room window and from the bottom of the front walk.

Firstly, it's apparent that View B is entirely taken care of in the over-lap of A and C. Secondly, the view from B is restricted by the hedge. This can be a good thing (if there were something I didn't want to see and it's a technique mentioned in the book to "screen off" something unsightly. I can perhaps put it to good use in the back yard). Thirdly, the owners who planted my trees and shrubs got it right! All of one's attention is focused right to the Living Room window.

As for what can be made of it for actually planning the entire front yard, I don't know. I've been staring at it all day.

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