Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Variations On A Theme....Pile One

(image from this site, courtesy of Wende. (Thanks!)

Other than "dressing up" to go out, I don't wear anything beyond a watch, my wedding band and a cross on a small chain around my neck. If I had pierced ears, I'd probably have fun with earrings, but I don't and I have scar tissue in my ear lobes from two unsuccessful attempts, so wearing clip ons or screw backs is at most a three hour affair....

So, I've been through the jewellery, such as it is.
Pile 1: Necklaces.
Black and white coral.
Wood, glass and metal beads on string
Two pearl strands: one small and yellowish, one large and white.
Fine, fine silver (tarnishing)
Fine gold with five tiny pearls set like beads
Fine "knotted" silver
1/8" wide silver. This is the "chunkiest" of the lot.
Silver Celtic cross around my neck on fine silver chain.

Silver chain, less than 1/8" wide
Silver chain, about 1/8" wide

5 strand multi coloured shiny tiny beads in blue, purple, chartreuse.

Single strand pearls, neither white, nor yellow: they actually look like pearls!
Silver strand, about 1/8" wide.

34" or "Pendant"
hammered copper pendant on a thin leather strap
green soap stone (looks like a stylised comma) on a waxed string.
Silver Celtic cross on linked silver chain.

What's up with all the silver chains? Actually, they aren't really "chains." They aren't chain links: they are all sort of flatish--under a magnifying glass, you might say they are braided. I don't know the "correct" word. I have no idea why I have so many, more or less identical. Why all the pearls? I don't know that either. I probably read somewhere that a woman ought to have I do.

Why is everything so fine?
Well, that I can answer. I'm scared of jewellery as it calls attention to oneself and says things to others about your style, your savvy and your pocketbook. Until WT I hadn't anything I really wanted to say to others about myself. Secondly, when I'm thin, as I mentioned, I am rather fine-boned. Delicate, simple jewellery seemed to say "me" without broadcasting it, kwim?

But I now have no idea whether it is a) suitable, b) what I want to "say." Actually, I do know the answer to the latter. It isn't. But I feel rather mute. I don't know how to say anything with necklaces. I've highlighted the ones which interest me in purple.

I've taken pics of all of them, but they'll be in the camera for a long time....

So, now what?


drwende said...

Now you do the "head" assignment and figure out what you want to say.

Couple of sources on choosing appropriate necklace lengths:

matching necklace length to face shape
sample photo of necklace lengths
the girlie girl guide to choosing necklaces

Alana in Canada said...

Um, OK.

Hey, thanks for those links. I'll check them out.

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