Friday, December 14, 2007

Building Blocks.

Image from this site. I think I'm glad I found it.

I've been contemplating "Basic Wardrobe" lists, like this one. Anyone feel it's just too many clothes--or the wrong clothes? Here's another and one very specific! ;) This blog is utterly fascinating. The author took 34 pieces and created 70+ outfits. She even went on to create a more curated wardrobe.

Sam Saboura and the Budget Fashionista book I read have much more sensible lists. Sam is in blue, the Fashionista in red followed by my own comments.

Recommendations and Analysis

Little Black Number/Little Black Dress. For Sam this could be an exceptional pair of black pants and a special black top "perfect" for the event. I love the idea of this: I have no idea how to actually buy such an item--that is, I don't know what to look for. We're talking about something we can wear out to dinner right? or for a date? Well, back in the day, the husband and I would go to dinner, then listen to bands in bars--jeans were fine! But one does want something a little dressier for a play or a formalish I don't know.

Black Pants and Skirt/Black Suit (Jacket and Pants or Jacket and Skirt.) -- Completely unnecessary.

Basic Jeans/Perfect Jeans. Saboura recommends a dark "dressy" pair and a lighter "medium-washed" pair.--Yup, I agree. One dark, one "medium."

Chinos or Khaki casual pant. Um, OK. If they look good. I really like my knit trousers. Comfy and warm. Khakis or chinos are suitable for every season except "deep winter." (Nov-March)

White Cotton Button Down in long and short sleeves/White cotton button down dress shirt--interesting they both recommend this, and I don't have one. Would I get more mileage out of my wardrobe if I did? I have one with a mandarin collar in black.
Saboura also adds:
1. sexy black top
2. patterned blouse
3. casual shirts in bright colours and patterns
--is all this really necessary?

T-Shirts and Tanks. 5 each in long and short sleeves/Spandex or fitted T-shirt in black, white and "fun" colours.--Yes, I can clearly see the need for these. But they aren't a priority until about April or so.

Knit Tops
v-neck, OK. or something like the shirt from Land's End in the paper doll post. I have one in red, rapidly going rabitty.
turtleneck--at least four or five!
cardigan/Cardigan or classic twin set--Yes, a cardigan. I'd love a "twin-set" but goodness, I don't lunch, nor do I have any plans to do lunch.
"robe-style" knit. Um, no.

2 each of:
Girly jacket (fitted, cropped, in a texture or subtle pattern) --no thanks.
Denim Jacket/Jean Jacket or
Blazer (1 dark, 1 light)/Blazer--I think I'd prefer the Jean jacket. It'd be perfect for those summer evenings we go down to watch the sun set and throw rocks into the river.

Trench/Trench--no need.
Pea coat--I've wanted one since 1980, but I don't need it.
3/4 length coat-for spring and fall, yes.
dark coloured jacket "essential" to wear at night--no, it's not.
Winter coat--yes, of course!

Pumps with a thin or kitten heel/Plain black pumps 1-3" heel.
Flats in black
Boots/Brown or black leather boots. OK.
Sneakers/Sneakers. A-yup.
Sandals in brown or black leather--yes, I'd like something a little dressier than the boat hauling strap rubber soled sandals.
/Sexy Strappy heel. We don't have to go there, do we?!

Other stuff:
Knee length skirt--jury's out on this one until the Spring.
Leather Tote bag--well, a tote bag of some sturdy fabric, not necessarily leather.

A button down shirt I can layer over T-shirts would be nice, but it isn't really something I need. What I do need right now is at least one more turtleneck and a cardigan I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in outside the house. It would be great to replace my rabitty red knit "shirt." Another pair of jeans in dark blue would be fabulous. (Wait until I tell you what I've discovered about my jeans!) Socks.

Come spring, I'll probably need various t-shirts and I'll look into that button-down shirt, perhaps. A Jean Jacket. A pair of casual pants, and probably some decent shorts. Somehow, I always seem to have a larger, better and more versatile summer wardrobe.

It seems that as a sahm, I'm right on track.


drwende said...

I've been trying to put a finger on what I specifically dislike about these lists... and it's that there are too many DIFFERENT types of clothes, which creates a nasty challenge in coordinating everything the way the list-makers claim is possible. I own more actual pairs of pants than these lists recommend (how does anyone get through a work week with two pairs of dress slacks?), but they all have the same cut, so they all work with the same tops, jackets, and shoes.

That, and these lists rarely include enough Joyous Colors...

Mella DP said...

I think the problem with these lists is exactly the problem of mass-market ready-to-wear - in an attempt to fit everyone, it really fits no one quite right. As we've been discovering here, we're all far better served by being equipped to figure out what our own essentials are, than by being told to align ourselves with a generic lineup.

(That, and, as I've said before, who needs to be told to buy jeans? If you need jeans, you already know about it...)

Alana in Canada said...

Who needs to be told to buy jeans?
Well, me.
I swear I've been living under a rock for the last 10 years without any thought given to my clothes whatsoever. In fact, I didn't even have jeans I could wear for the longest time. Now that I have a pair that is unbelievably comfortable (and looks good) it's reassuring to me to see these lists recommend them as a staple. In fact it it weren't for seeing the recommendation to buy "dark" jeans...I wouldn't. But I really do think one can do a lot with them....
The lists, considered in view of my own lifestyle, are helpful to know what I should be focussing on to round things out....

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