Saturday, December 15, 2007

More on Basics

I've been thinking about the "jacket" recommendations of the "style experts." I don't need a jacket in my life--for inside wear, a sweater is all I really need for warmth, for outdoors, well, that's a different category of jacket. But the point of the jacket seems to versatility. Jacket + Top A + Bottom A is a different look than merely Top A + Bottom A.

So, what could serve this function in my own wardrobe?

I think a vest might do it.

1. They are easy to sew, if I have to do that.
2. They are a great way of introducing a little panache and pattern to my wardrobe.
3. I have always liked them. I don't know why.
4. It's easier to do the dishes in a vest and top than a sweater and top!


zooza said...

Vests instead of jackets sounds like a great idea for you, Alana. They do look easy to sew (although I've never made one) and don't take up much fabric, either, so they are cheap to make! Out of curiosity, I've just had a quick look at available patterns and there are some great ones with good, but subtle, waist-shaping, etc. It looks like it would be fun to choose various embellishments / fabrics to go with what's already in your wardrobe.

Mella DP said...

Hey, that's good, and I like the one you posted. The third layer dresses things up a bit, without becoming excessive or impractical.

drwende said...

Good idea! The extra layer gives polish as well as variety -- and under a heavy winter coat, an ornamental jacket is the last thing you need, since it throws off the overcoat's fit while barely being visible itself.

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